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Frequently Asked Questions

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is an 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community, and is used for tax and business purposes.

Not everyone requires an ABN, however you may need an ABN for multiple reasons, including the following:

  • Having an ABN and putting it on your invoices/website can make your business look more legitimate. It also provides an easy way for your clients to confirm your business by doing an ABN lookup.
  • To register for GST or PAYG you will need to have an ABN
  • If the company expects to turnover $74,999 per year it will need to be registered for GST. To register for GST the company will need an ABN.
  • Most applications (including bank accounts) will require an ABN in addition to an ACN.
  • To register a business name you will need to have an ABN number for the company.

EasyABNs guarantees, subject to the below exceptions, that you will receive your ABN within 14 working days, otherwise we will issue a full refund of the ABN fee (minus payment fees).


  • If the information you have supplied to us is incomplete or incorrect at the time of application, the 14 working day period will not start until correct information is supplied.
  • If you already had an existing ABN at the time of application.
  • If your application is rejected by the ATO and they require you to communicate with them, whether in person to present identification information or via telephone or email, our guarantee does not apply.
  • If an ABN application is marked for manual review, the ATO reserve the right to keep the application for up to 28 days, during which time they may contact you for verification. This is beyond our control and voids our guarantee.

You will need to have a ABN, individual and birth details, an email address, residential street address and place of business address.

You can choose to register your business name for ONE year, for $79, or THREE years, for $159 (including GST).

Our one year business registration total of $79 includes the $39 ASIC fee, plus our own $40 service charge.
Our three year business registration total of $159 includes the $92 ASIC fee, plus our own $51 service charge.

You can apply for the business name at the same time when ordering your ABN registration.

Yes, you sure can! As your business needs change, you can change the legal status of your business by visiting our online platform, EasyCompanies.

Upon beginning a Company Registration Application you will be asked to submit a company name. Enter your business name, then follow the prompts to confirm that you are the holder of the business name by submitting your ABN. From here you can continue with your application as normal.

No. Registering a business name entitles you to trade under that name but does not give you exclusive rights or ownership of the name, such that a trademark would confer. It is important to check that your proposed business name is not subject to a trademark or patent prior to registration by visiting IP Australia (

You can also apply to trademark your name via the IP Australia website.

Yes, you can register many business names. However, you will need to submit separate applications for each business name.

ASIC no longer issues hard copies of certificates for business name registrations, however one will be delivered via email. There is no obligation to display your record of registration, though you can do if you would like.

You will not be able to register a certain business name if:

No, you cannot change an existing business name. In order to trade with a different name you must register a new business name.

Not at this point in time. To make these changes you will need to contact ASIC directly.