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Will I require a business name?

If you are planning to trade under a name or title which is neither your personal given name, nor your registered company name, then you will need to register a business name.

For example:
Susan Smith trading as Susan Smith does not need to register a business name.
Susan Smith trading as Sydney Paving Services needs to register a business name.



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What's included?

  • Fast Response
    Utilise our incredibly quick business name registration engine to receive your business name almost instantly!
  • Easy Name Search
    Take advantage of our free live search function to check the availability of your proposed business name.
  • Simple Application Procedures
    Forget those complicated government forms! EasyABNs ensures that registering your business name is quick and easy.
  • Convenience
    Maintain your peace of mind with the knowledge that all of your documentation has been lodged with the government by a team of professionals.
  • Always Processing
    We are available 24/7 to help you secure an Australian Business name, regardless of time or place.
  • Renewal Notifications
    We will keep you updated about impending business name renewal dates.

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